All You Need To Know: School of Technique

The School of Technique is finally here!! Here is what you should know…

Every Thursday from 6:30-7:30 pm at West Haven Park in Garden Grove, Ca. Boys and girls ages 5-13.

The focus is Technical Development. They say it takes 10,000+ hours to master any one skill. If a soccer player can master the ball, they can master the game. The School of Technique will make players get more comfortable with the ball at their feet. Drills and tips from the School of Technique should be applied on a daily basis on your own time as well.

We look to improve in the following:

  • dribbling; effective movement w/ the ball using various surfaces of both feet
  • first touch; second touch
  • passing and receiving
  • striking a ball; finishing w/ a purpose (power and finesse)
  • awareness on and off the ball
  • SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) w/ the ball

The cherry on top is… Janelly Farias will be your instructor! Janelly is a UCI Alum and current Mexico National Team member. If you have seen Janelly play, it is hard not to admire her confidence on the ball. Her style of play is that of a complete professional soccer player.

Don’t forget to purchase your Admissions Tickets online at Please print ticket and bring to the field. Bring your own ball!!!

We are excited to start this School of Technique and it is something that we have been working on for some time now!

Huge thanks to our partners at Orange Youth Soccer League for all the support and everything they do for the kids!!!

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  1. Art

    This looks awesome!!! Will Thursday be the only days or willother days be added?

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