Our Story

It was all a dream

Born into

The founders of Kings Pro immigrated from Mexico to the US and grew up in the city of Santa Ana, California. It is here that they learned to play soccer and this city would become the backbone of their story.

2000 | It
all begins

The youngest of three siblings was born and our founders would start taking a marker to their shin guards to draw inspirational quotes, names and messages that would give them a mental edge over their opponents.

2015 |
Kings Pro
is born

The first custom shin guard, hand produced in Santa Ana, grew out of an obsessive dedication to quality, art, culture of the city and a respect for the heritage of the founders' families.

2015-2019 |

After gaining a reputation among professional players and celebrities around the world, Kings Pro begins to equip teams and players such as LAFC, Club America, Mexico National Team, Carlos Vela, Tim Howard, and Carli Lloyd.

What Motivates

Thanks to years of hard work and staying committed to excellence, Kings Pro gives players of all levels the opportunity to wear their motivation on the shin guards during battle. We believe that having the mental edge over your opponent is the key to victory and our custom shin guards can help.